SEBB Town Hall

SEBB information. The following came from a WEA Town Hall I attended by telephone on 9/4/2019. 

This information was compiled by Kristen Montieth and Shared by Shannon Seeman Hof Rasmussen…Thank you for permission to share.

Health Care Advocacy Hot Line # (855) 878-4101. This number is for WEA members only.

Members need to go online to the SEBB website and enroll your dependents and have them verified BEFORE open enrollment ends. (documents to have ready- marriage certificate, birth certificate, tax returns that will need to be downloaded and verified in the system)

There will be an online benefit comparison tool that may point you to something that would work for you.

Oct. 1 more online information will be posted.

Only one SEBB account per person, so no more double coverage for families who are in the SEBB together. Including dental and vision.

There will be a FB live informational that was mentioned in paperwork earlier and they now have a time… 5-6pm.

If you do not go through the online questionnaire, (smoker, etc.) it will automatically default and charge you the surcharge.

This process will probably take you longer than 30 min. If everyone waits until the last minute in the 6 week window that might not be great.

Once you start the process it saves your spot… and if you change your mind during open enrollment you can switch to another plan… as long as it is still within the 6 week window.

Right now if your spouse has PEBB, you are able to double cover.

3 options for dental – 2 are Delta Dental, both are managed care. The uniform dental plan is also preferred provider (95% of dentists take this) look at provider network.

Life insurance and Long Term Disability are less than what we are used to so be aware that you may need to supplement.

Anyone on Medicare? You can waive coverage for Medicare… you can choose to be enrolled in both.

If members are waiving their coverage (for example your spouse covers you) you must go in and tell them this or they will automatically enroll you.

Benefit fair in Olympia is October 2 from 4-8 at SPSCC.

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