Inclement Weather Contract Language

Article III

Section 11 Inclement Weather

In the event of snow or other such natural events, teachers will make an effort to get to school on time and to meet the scheduled work time requirements. If unable to get to school on time teachers must arrive one half-hour prior to the arrival of students. If the employee cannot travel to school safely, he/she may choose to utilize emergency leave. Teachers who work less than full time and have their day extended due to schedule changes as a result of inclement weather will 1) either be paid at their per diem rate for the time extended or 2) be allowed to arrive after the normal school start time to make up the difference. Payment for time must be approved by the building administrator.

If school is cancelled due to weather, we have one built-in make up day, May 26th. If we have more than one snow day, additional days will be added to the end of the year. There was some discussion about switching to remote teaching/learning in lieu of snow days. There are many circumstances that make that difficult: age of students, access to internet and/or electricity for both students and staff, the unpredictability of weather in general, and the fact the OPSI requires at least 70% of a day to be “face to face” in order to count. The last part rules out sending home asynchronous lessons to be done at home. 

Finally, if school has a late start and you are unable to make it due to weather, the emergency leave is taken from your sick days.