Overload for Elementary Specialists

Elementary Specialists: The contract reads that you get $6 per student per month based on the same caseload limits as other elementary teachers, for example 25 is the limit for 3rd graders. So each month the district needs to know the total overload for every classroom teacher in order to calculate the specialty overload. If the classroom teacher chooses para time over pay, the specialist still gets the pay. Also, if students are “pushed” into specialist classes, you can add those students to your overload if they move you over the overload ratios. For example, if you have a 5th grade class and the classroom teacher has 27 students, no overload would be allotted. However, if 2 DLC students are “pushed” into that class when they come to specialist time, then the specialist can claim 2 for overload. You write “2 push in” on your overload form, “5th grade class at 29”. Somewhere on the form, indicate that you are a specialist. At this time use the same overload as the classroom teachers even though it doesn’t work perfectly for you. Sorry, these first few times are going to be messy.