Contract language for elementary and splits

“The District shall work toward ratios, which do not exceed the following numbers by grade level: 

1) Elementary 

Grades K-2 23 pupils

Grade 3 25 pupils

Grades 4-5 27 pupils

a)  The first overload in an elementary class will be paid $145 per month. September – May are to be considered the nine covered months. The first student is not eligible for paraeducator time.

b)  The second overload and beyond in an elementary class may receive one hour of paraeducator time per day per student in excess of the guideline or be compensated as in “a” or some combination of paraeducator time and pay. In a circumstance where there is an overload of over three students, the teacher, the principal, the personnel director and an OEA representative will meet to seek an acceptable solution. Any solution reached during this meeting will be put in writing, all parties to the agreement will sign it, and copies will be given to all participants, including OEA.

c)  Each regular full-time elementary teacher with a split (i.e. multi-grade) class, which is not part of a planned program, shall be allocated one hour of paraeducator time per day. A teacher with a split that has three grade levels shall be allocated two hours of paraeducator time per day. The class limit for such a class will be two under the lower class size limit.